Other Enquiries

General Enquiries – Patients

For general enquiries please contact 0161 667 4567, or alternatively email us on enquiries@themanchesterclinic.co.uk.

General Enquiries – Suppliers

If you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers please email us on suppliers@themanchesterclinic.co.uk.

Website problems 

If you wish to report a problem with our website please email admin@themanchesterclinic.co.uk.

Customer support line

MOCS has in place a dedicated patient help line that you can use to make queries about any aspect of your care or interaction with MOCS. Depending on your query we will seek to provide an immediate response between the hours of 8am – 8pm. Queries outside 8am – 8pm will usually be responded to within 24 hrs. Please contact 0161 667 4562.

Patient Satisfaction questionnaire

MOCS continually strives to improve the quality of service we provide and use our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire to obtain valuable information. We use the data about your experience to review and explore how things can be done better. We hand out a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire to all the patients treated in our facility. The feedback received from the surveys remains anonymous. For specific complaints please use our complaints procedure.