Quality Assurance

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What Makes Us Unique?

Our commitment to providing exceptional quality is underpinned by an extensive schedule of clinical governance and quality assurance systems specifically designed to create and sustain high standards of care. We have in place a continuous improvement strategy that is driven in part by our patient representatives who have direct access to the Board of Directors. The strategy is based on delivering best practice and outcomes in everything we do.
The Manchester Clinic has in place a total quality and continuous improvement strategy throughout the organisation. Each element of the strategy is integral to the development and delivery of best quality, best practice and best outcomes in everything that we do. We are committed to giving our patients exceptional care and will do all we can to make your time with us as comfortable as possible.
Our attention to detail, ground breaking treatments along with the level of personalised care make for a bespoke first class experience. We adhere to a set of values that are engrained in our approach to caring for patients and treating them with dignity and respect at all times. We continually strive to develop our services in order improve outcomes and quality.